Thomas Kokholm

Front-end Developer & UI/UX Specialist. I help customers implement digital solutions that focus on business and high usability.


Upgrading Gatsby to v3 broke my site

Since the launch of Gatsby v3 I had the plan to upgrade my site. However the process wasn’t a simple npm update command. As someone who have…

Favorite VSCode extentions

My favorite VSCode extentions anno 2021

Git Cheat Sheet

The Git operations that every develop should know about

My Tech Stack

The hardware and software I rely on in my everyday work


Maersk Spotlanes

Online portal solution for Maersk B2B customers

3D Animation of LearJet 85

3D animation of a Bombardier LearJet 85 aircraft


Online Portal and E-commerce solution, with integration to existing LMS (Learning Management System).

JetTime Flight Scheduling

Online solution with overview of fleet status and current location.


HTML Semantics

Semantic elements - what are they? And how to properly use and structure them?

Open Source Icon Libraries

Open Source alternatives to FontAwesome icons.

A new beginning 🎉

A new static site and blog for all my JavaScript ramblings!

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