Thomas Kokholm

A Scandinavian based software engineer with a passion for web development and everything made with JavaScriptTypeScript. Open source contributor and maker of

I Work for Netcompany and have been consulting in the private sector for the past 7 years. Throughout my career I have been developing digital solutions for customers such as Maersk, Coop, Novo Nordisk, Siemens Gamesa and FIFA.

Previously I worked at MOCH (MetaCompliance) and Jet Time.

I have a master's degree in IT (MSc. IT, Software Engineering) from the IT University of Copenhagen.

I live in the southern part of Denmark, married and father of two girls.

When I am not at work, I enjoy biking in the woods and often ride the trails in the nearby forrest. My current bike is a 10-speed TREK Marlin 6, Gen 2. You can learn more about the tech and gear I am using here.