Open Source Icon Libraries

August 24, 2020

Wanted to share this really nice icon library site:

I know that a lot of people fallback to FontAwesome as their go to library for icons. But if you are looking for an open source icon library then is really amazing.

On their site you can even choose to customize the stroke size of the icons.

There is also which have even more icons available, also open source, also custimizeable.

Recently Bootstrap published their take at an open source icon library:

And finally, if you are looking for a particular brand icon for your next tech stack presentation - take a look at - they have more than a 1000 brand logos available.

There many alternatives to FontAwesome, more than I can share here - but take a look at the alternatives.

Feel free to comment if you know of any other open source icons that you would recommend.

Thomas Kokholm

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